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Tridyne Direct Fill Platform Scale Netweigher is offered in a variety of configurations. This bulk-filling system can be set up to run large weigh capacity or large volume products. The Direct Fill System weighs the product in the container as it is filled. Containers (boxes, plastic bins, cans, etc.) may be placed on the scale platform either manually or with an optional automatic indexing system. The system comes in 4 different configurations.

This direct fill system is easily interfaced with automatic carton erectors, net weigh scales, conveyors, etc. This machine offers an ideal way to automate container filling, consists of almost no moving parts and is very easy to set up as well as clean. Change over from product to product is accomplished quickly and easily.

Machine Specifications

STANDARD CAPACITIES:From 10 lb up to 200 lb capacity (depending on product density)
SPEED:Up to 8 dumps per minute (depending on weight/size/density)
DIMENSIONS:Variable depending on configuration
SUPPLY HOPPER CAPACITY:Variable depending on configuration
CONSTRUCTION:Stainless Steel
DISPLAY INDICATORS:Shows the "UNDER","GOOD", and "OVER" weight status
ACCURACY:0.1% at full load (static) accuracy
MEMORY:Non-Volatile, User Programmable. Retains parameters up to 50 job sets
USER INTERFACE:6" monochrome LCD display (color available) with integral touch screen
SHIPPING WEIGHT:Variable (depending on machine)
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