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The F-206 Super-X series comes in 6 different configurations and is mostly used in large scale operations to weigh product into boxes, pails, bags, and bins and can be set up from single lane to four lanes on a single controller. It is typically used by customers requiring bulk or transport operations. The system can be set up in a fully wash down (hose down) environment to meet FDA/USDA wash down requirements. Most contact parts can be removed with no tools for cleaning or washdown. 90% of parts used in the machine are commercially available.

Machine Specifications

STANDARD CAPACITIES:From 20 lb up to 100 lb capacity (depending on product density)
SPEED:Up to 25,000 lbs per hour (depending on machine configuration)
DIMENSIONS:Variable depending on number of lanes
SUPPLY HOPPER CAPACITY:1.5 to 6 cubic feet
CONSTRUCTION:Stainless Steel
ACCURACY:0.1% at full load (static) accuracy
MEMORY:Non-Volatile, User Programmable. Retains parameters up to 50 job sets
USER INTERFACE:6" monochrome LCD display (color available) with integral touch screen
SHIPPING WEIGHT:Variable (depending on machine)
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