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The model 1650 automatic netweigher is based on a balance mechanism using 10 frictionless flexures. The scale at rest is always a perfect balance. That balance is disturbed by putting a weight equal to the target weight in the weigh cup (or by using optional ring weights on a weigh pin). The machine then feeds product into the weigh hopper until the scale is balanced again. At this point, the weight of the product equals the weight in the weigh cup (or pin). The 1650 uses an unique over-under counter balance mechanism – NOT a load cell which results in superb accuracy. When properly set up the 1650 will never permit underweights. Overweights are minimized because of this scale’s extreme accuracy – in many cases, 10 times less than with a typical load cell based system.

Machine Specifications

STANDARD CAPACITIES:From 4 oz up to 2 lbs capacity
SPEED:Weigh count 500,000 pills, bolts, clips, etc. per hour
CONSTRUCTION:Stainless Steel
SHIPPING WIEGHT:Variable (depending on machine)
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